Does the thought of planning a wedding immediately stress you out? Something Blue Productions replaces anxiety and worry with excitement and relief. We create seamless weddings infused with innovative design while embodying your authentic love story. 

Our favorite couples are excited to do things a little different and are genuinely focused on their one-of-a-kind love. Ditching old-school expectation is pretty much our favorite thing.

Meet your dream team

Our owner AnneMarie Austin is a seasoned expert with over a decade of industry experience. Working alongside venues and vendors over the years has allowed her to master on-the-fly problem-solving while executing the perfect timeline. Every client will work with her directly to create the most amazing celebration. 

 master planner & Designer

A wedding is supposed to be a special day and sometimes all of the planning and logistics can get in the way of all that. AnneMarie was incredible about keeping our needs and wants in mind, providing alternative vendor options and ideas when needed, helping explain the process of different things, and much more. Ultimately, she gets things done. 

"she made us feel as if someone was on our side and looking out for our best interests."



"We started planning our wedding on our own before hiring AnneMarie, but we quickly learned that planning is a lot more intensive than we initially thought. We had booked the venue before bringing AnneMarie on, and that alone took up many, many hours of our time and a few weeks to get completed. From the first time we talked to AnneMarie, I knew my wedding was going to be in good hands.” 

“ Working with AnneMarie felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders "


“Other than AnneMarie’s EXCELLENT response time to every email, our favorite part about working with AnneMarie was how she always knew what to say and how to handle situations to help us feel calm and taken care of. Her incredible industry knowledge was extremely impressive. We trusted AnneMarie and felt supported throughout the entire planning process. Not to mention, she is the absolute sweetest, which made wedding planning so much more fun!”

“She always knew what to say and how to handle situations to help us feel calm and taken care of”

going above and beyond is what we do best.

Ariana Tanimura

lauren truscott-abraham

annemarie Austin

Our dedication to the details and bringing your creative dreams to life is the driving force behind every wedding. We feel deeply honored to be involved in this milestone and prioritize connection every step of the way. Our couples aren’t just our clients, they become our family! 

get to know us

AnneMarie is the founder and lead planner of Something Blue Productions. Her entire business is built on creating wedding experiences that are fun and focused on love! Creating connection and trust is a top priority and likely why every client becomes a lifelong friend. AnneMarie has been described by her clients as “the wedding fairy you always dreamed of”, a burst of sunshine, and a calming presence all wrapped in one. Her exceptional planning capabilities paired with an appreciation for a variety of styles is what makes her stand out as a wedding professional. 

She often describes herself as type A when it comes to details and modern or alternative in her design capabilities. Above all else, her passion for personality-packed weddings is the driving force of her success. Creating a safe space for her clients to create a ceremony that feels original and authentic is always the end goal. 

AnneMarie is dedicated, thorough, and a blast to work with. When she isn’t crafting timelines or checking in with vendors, she spends her free time reading, cuddling her cutie pup Gordo, or relaxing on the beach. 

Lauren Truscott-Abraham Lauren is an associate planner, chief problem solver, and ultimate hype-woman at Something Blue Productions. What makes her exceptional in her work is her ability to make others happy while doing what she loves! Her energy is contagious throughout the day and she makes it clear that her focus is all about YOU. What lights her up the most is the uniqueness of every love story. Attention to detail combined with her bubbly personality makes her the perfect team player at Something Blue Productions.

Outside of SBP, Lauren is all about her beautiful family. In her free time, she adores hanging with her three kiddos and husband. They love going on adventures, hiking, rescuing plants, and playing video games. 

Ariana Tanimura Coming from the corporate event world, Ariana finds her true joy in weddings. She loves the little details and the pure bliss that each wedding day brings! When she's not coordinating your wedding, you'll find Ariana caring for her large collection of houseplants, deep diving into an endless number of DIY projects, or baking the newest recipe she found on Pinterest! Ariana is committed to ensuring your special day is one to remember, and represents who you are as a couple and the love you share together. 

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