Thanksgiving & Officially Yours!


Happy Thanksgiving Week! It is definitely a rough time in California right now, there are fires north and south of us in the Bay Area and we can barely go outside due to poor air quality. Thank you so much to all the firefighters and first responders risking their lives every day for us. I hope that everyone is remembering all the things that they are thankful for and holding their loved ones close!

This year, I have a lot to be thankful for! I may not be having my typical Thanksgiving this year, but every year I like to write down, at least, the top three things I’m thankful for.


1.       GORDO! 🙂 For those that haven’t met him, Gordo is my adorable Corgi Chihuahua that I adopted last Christmas Eve. He’s the sweetest little nugget and makes me smile every single day.

2.       My epic support team! Starting a business is hard, harder than I had anticipated. It’s something I’ve wanted for years, but was always too afraid to take the leap. My friends and family, especially the friends that have become family, have supported me and given me the courage to follow my dreams. While I’ve always needed them, it has become even clearer to me just how much. So thank you my loves <3


3.       This industry! I absolutely love what I do and the people I get to do it with. From the couples who trust me to plan their special day to the amazing professionals I work with to make it all happen, I am so lucky! It’s crazy to me that everyone in the wedding world is always so ready to help each out, no matter if we’re competitors or not. Like today even, I sat down with Rob from Ace Entertainment and the first thing he asks is “how can I help?” He’s seriously one of my saviors (and I promise you’ll hear more about him and his epic team soon!)! But I wouldn’t be able to do it without each and every one of you!

Speaking of amazing wedding professionals that I’m thankful for, I was lucky enough to sit down with Steve Siglin from Officially Yours and Weddings by Steve over a fantastic lunch this week! I have been lucky enough to work with Steve for a few years now and his ceremonies have been some of my absolute favorites! I’ve heard from so many couples that they are afraid if they hire an officiant then their ceremony won’t be personal enough, and that is never the case with Steve. The entire team at Officially Yours takes the time to get to know their couples which is key!


Not only does the team create an amazing ceremony, but they also do so much more! Steve is a big fan of pre (and post) marital coaching. Of course, I had to ask “like pre-marital counseling?” and it’s even better! The way Steve looks at it, everyone needs a coach, and everyone can always improve, but counseling means there is something wrong and you’re looking to fix it. I, personally, love this. Not to knock counseling or therapy, because it can be absolutely necessary and is a great tool, but the idea of coaching is something everyone should get on board with!

It’s also great to know that Steve knows just about everyone in the wedding industry and is an amazing source of referrals. Yes, that’s what I’m here for, or another planner should you go that direction, but it’s always great to have multiple sources. Plus, having a team of vendors that knows each other is amazing for each of your vendors and for you!

 I hope you all have an absolutely amazing Thanksgiving! Eat too much, spend time with your family, and if you’re anything like me, get ready to start decorating for the winter holidays! <3