Let’s Talk Signature Cocktails


Let’s be real, most of us LOVE a good cocktail. Especially at a wedding. You’re their to have a good time and celebrate, and a drink makes you dance better (or so we think…)! Signature cocktails are another way to add a fun personal touch or detail to your day.


There are so many pros to signature cocktails –

  • They’re fun and add personality to the bar

  • They have adorable signs

  • They can be your favorite cocktails to make your trip to the bar that much faster

  • They might lower the cost of your open bar


But what do you pick?! What kind of sign do you make?! Great questions. Here are some tips for picking the best signature cocktails:

  • Check with your venue/bar first! They might have some of the best suggestions and rules to follow.

  • Keep your guests in mind – don’t pick something you know no one will drink. If you have a larger guest count or people who will drink a lot, keep that in mind too. You’ll want something fast if you have a lot of guests, or something with a lower alcohol content if your guests can’t handle their liquor, if everyone in your family is allergic to citrus, that might be something to note.

  • Don’t always take advice from TikTok (yes, I spend way too much time there too). I keep seeing things like it’ll save you money if you don’t tell the bar and just put out a signature drink sign. DO NOT DO THIS! Bars need to be stocked accordingly for your drinks. If you come up with something that isn’t as common, they’re going to run out of the ingredients and then you’re guests are going to be annoyed.

  • Personally, I’m a fan of classics, or classics with a twist, that are quick to make, or can be made in batches. A trip to the bar to order a signature cocktail should be quick to get your guests back on the dance floor!

  • Most importantly – have fun with it! Bar signs are great decor (and can go on your bar cart at home or in your kitchen later), you can rename your cocktails after a pet or a place, just DO YOU!


So see you at the bar! Or anywhere there is champagne <3