5 Items to Consider Before Meeting Your Potential Wedding Planner!

Hello sunshines! As you prepare to meet with your wedding planner for the first time, aka ME!, it’s important to have a few essential details sorted out. This will help you make the most of your initial consultation and set the stage for a successful experience. Here are five key points to consider before reaching out to a planner to see if they’d be the right fit for you:

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Your Vision

Start by discussing your wedding dreams with your partner. Are you picturing an intimate garden affair, a beachside celebration, or a glamorous ballroom reception? Having a vision of your ideal wedding will help your planner bring your dream to life. This absolutely does not need to be a fully fleshed-out idea, just some things you truly love and, almost more importantly, some things you truly hate!


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Establishing a realistic budget is crucial before diving into wedding planning. Discuss with your partner, and family if they’re going help, how much you’re comfortable spending. It’s also helpful to have an ideal budget and a hard stop budget, so what you’d like to spend and what you absolutely cannot and will not go over.

Guest List

Having a rough idea of your guest count is essential for selecting the right venue and catering options. Create a preliminary guest list to help your planner understand the scope of your wedding and recommend appropriate vendors.

Preferred Dates

Discuss potential wedding dates with your partner and have a few options in mind. Now this doesn’t mean decide on one date and only that one date unless that is the absolute most important thing. Think seasonally and day of the week. A Saturday in this Summer this year is very different than a winter wedding, any day of the week, open to the next two years. The more specific you are, the more limitations, while that’s absolutely okay, it’s important to keep in mind!

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Identify which aspects of your wedding are most important to you and your partner. Are you prioritizing exceptional food, stunning d├ęcor, or unforgettable entertainment? Sharing your priorities will help us focus on what matters most to you, ensuring that your wedding truly reflects your personalities and preferences.

With these five key points in mind, it’ll be easier for us to understand your needs and expectations, leading to a more efficient and enjoyable planning experience. So grab a glass of champagne, or the sparkly beverage of your choosing, and start chatting! Then we can let the planning begin!