5 Tips for Meeting Your Wedding Florist

Hello, nearly-weds! As you prepare to meet with potential florists, it’s important to have a few key details and ideas in mind. This will help you make the most of your consultation and ensure that your chosen florist can bring your floral vision to life. Here are five essential tips to consider before meeting with a wedding florist:

Your Style

Start by discussing your desired floral style with your partner. Are you drawn to romantic, lush arrangements, or do you prefer modern, minimalist designs? Collect inspiration from bridal magazines, Pinterest, or Instagram to give your florist a clear understanding of your preferences.

Color Palette

Your wedding color palette will play a significant role in guiding your florist’s recommendations. Consider the colors of your bridesmaids’ dresses, table linens, and other décor elements to ensure your floral arrangements complement the overall wedding aesthetic.


Set a realistic budget for your wedding flowers, keeping in mind that floral costs can vary widely depending on the types of flowers used, the complexity of the arrangements, and the season. Discuss your budget with your florist upfront so they can provide appropriate recommendations.


Before meeting with your florist, have your venue selected and share pictures or a description of the space. This will help your florist design arrangements that complement the venue’s architecture, style, and any existing décor.

Must-Have Flowers

If you have specific flowers that hold sentimental value or you simply love, be sure to mention them during your consultation. Your florist can help incorporate these special blooms into your arrangements or suggest alternatives if your must-have flowers are not in season or within your budget.

Armed with these five essential tips, you’ll be well-prepared to meet with potential wedding florists and discuss your floral vision. Having a clear understanding of your style, color palette, budget, venue, and favorite flowers will make it easier for your florist to design arrangements that truly reflect your personalities and complement your wedding theme.

Remember, your wedding florist is there to help you create a beautiful and memorable atmosphere for your big day. The more information you can provide during your consultation, the better equipped they will be to design stunning floral arrangements that exceed your expectations and celebrate your love story.

So go ahead, nearly-weds! Take the time to discuss these key points with your partner, gather inspiration, and get ready to embark on the exciting journey of selecting the perfect florist for your wedding day. Happy planning!